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My Story

Ever since I was little I have always been facinated by the creation and movement of objects. I was always curious about how machines and computers worked. As a little kid, my parents used to put me on rides to have fun and enjoy them, but I was interested more in how the ride worked rather than what I was experiencing. I started my journey as a developer when I was 13 years old. I received my first computer on my 13th birthday. It was a 2015 Macbook Pro. I used it mostly for school at the time, then Roblox came along. I saw many roblox games out there and wondered why there were so many and how roblox was creating these so fast. Turns out, they were actually other roblox players creating these games. This took me by surprise, I thought to myself, "Me....making a game?". I thought about it for a while until I opened up roblox studio and started messing around. I did not go on youtube to learn to code right away. I got some free models and looked at those scripts. I edited the scripts lightly and saw what each word did. I used this to my advantage and started copying components of other scripts and combining them to make new ones. After a few weeks of doing this I decided to write my own script from scratch. I got as far as "script.Parent.Par"...failure. I lost confidence and started to quit. I took a break from scripting for a while to play games. I didn't enjoy playing roblox's front page games at the time. I wanted to create them. So I started coding and watched other youtubers besides alvinblox. I quickly gained roblox lua knowledge and started creating little games. I created a county called, "Norfolk" with some other devlelopers. Then I created a state called, "Indio". I showed off Indio to my dad one day and he said, "Why don't you expand and go big, earn some money." I liked the sound of this idea so I started to experiment with Xcode. That was a flop. I decided to take my knowledge to Unity. At this time, I was very involved in coding and I developed a passion for it. I took my laptop in the car, to the park, on family vacations. Everywhere, because I desired to. To Be Continued...

My Mentality

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My Plans

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